I have previously mentioned that I am the team leader for the Kindergarten First Grade class at our church’s Wednesday Night activities. One thing I like to do is have them sing songs that help them get the wiggles out – Songs with physical action. But I found that there aren’t enough of these kinds of songs, so I decided to write one. I thought I’d share it with you. 

You can sing it to the tune of Bill Grogan’s Goat, or make up your own tune. If you’d like to see the melody that we sing it with, let me know.

And use creativity in the body motions you use while singing it.

Body Song
By Scott Jamison
An Echo Sing-along Song By Scott Jamison
(Ephesians 2:10)
1. Look at your Feet
They walk around
See how they run
From here to there
God has a place
For you to be
He’ll use your feet
To get you there.
(Hab 3:19)
2. Look at your legs
They’re very strong
They stand you up
And make you tall
But never think
You don’t need God
Or too much pride
Will make you fall
(prov 16:18)
3. Consider eyes
They can see far
They can see near
and read God’s book
God has some sights
For you to see
God’s truth is plain
For all who look
(Romans 1:20)

4. Consider Mouth
It can speak dark
It can speak light
You have a choice
God has some words
For you to say
Bless God and peop
-ple with your voice
(James 3:5-10)

5. Look at your arms
They lift big things
They hug your friends
And they can reach
Don’t only talk
But also do
Use your long arms
To prove your speech
(1 John 3:18 – Matthew 21:28-31)

6. Look at your hands
They play with toys
They work with tools
And learn great skill
God has some things
For you to make
Go use your hands
To do his will
(1 Thess 4:11)
7. Some folks are small
Some folks are tall
It matters not
God uses all
He uses feet
and eyes and hands.
Go use them all
As God commands
(1 Cor 12:14

Copyright Scott Jamison 2009