I’m posting this more as a question: Do those of you who have adopted agree with this?

— — —
There are many reasons to adopt, but there are two primary reasons –

1.To add more children (or a child) to your family.
2.As a ministry to the parentless.

For many or most of those who adopt, I assume, their motivation is a little of both. For both of our adoptions, for example, I would say the primary reason was to gain another child, but we had ministry in mind. It obeys the command to help orphans in their distress.

There are those parents, however, who adopt almost exclusively for reason #2 – as a ministry. These are people who adopt unwanted children, or older children, or sibling groups or disabled or troubled children. May God bless them.

If you know of people like this, and you learn that they are going through hard times and have significant family difficulties because of their decision to adopt – if you know families like this, you might be tempted to think ‘They made an unwise decision when they adopted – look at how rough things are for them right now.’ If so, fight this temptation.

They didn’t do it for a more pleasant life. They did it to make a difference in the life of a child. Pray for them.

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