Two Notable Items from this weekend:

1. Recommended – The Movie ‘Fireproof’

A good, simple, inspiring and pretty realistic story with a good message – Marriages are important. I like much about it but here’s one thing I’ll point out.  There are scenes where people are encouraging the upset spouse in her complaining. This is shown as bad. I like this. If you are ever find yourself listening to someone complaining about their spouse and you are endorsing their complaints, you are doing damage*.

2. The Gun.

As a birthday present for Barrett who turned 9, but really for our three oldest (ages 9, 10 and 11) we went to Gander Mountain and bought a BB gun. And we took it out today and shot at a target. My eldest especially took to it and we had to call him inside when it was getting dark.

Now there are some of you who are thinking that no gun should be brought into any home and you think what I’ve done should be illegal. And there are others who are thinking – you have an 11 year old and this is your first BB gun?

Do you think that if I’ve offended two extremes, that perhaps I’m doing the right thing? I hope so. 

* Except in a few extreme cases, of course.