30 True Statements About The Jamison Family

1. When we bike, I have Erik in the chaser behind my bike which is pulling the bike trailer with Foster in it. So it is a three part train.

2. We went on 28 Picnics in 2001 and have increased every year since.

3.  In 2008 we went on 81 picnics.

4. We’ve picnicked on 23 places of the Mississippi River and 23 places on Lake Superior.

5. We have read out loud to our kids all of the Narnia Books twice and we just started Lord of the Rings. It may take awhile.

6. Debbie and I honeymooned in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan

7. Our Family stays at Lake Superior every summer.

8. We recommend Cascade Lodge

9. Our next favorite place to vacation is the Black Hills of South Dakota

10. We’ve adopted two kids – one from Russia, the other from Robbinsdale (MN)

11.  If we are home, we generally have a late pancake breakfast every Saturday.

12. We have two cats – Kiska (Russian for ‘Kitty’) and Flicka (Swedish for ‘Girl’)

13. I work late on Mondays, Debbie feeds the kids and after we put them to bed we make Hashbrowns, Eggs and Bacon. A little mini-date every Monday.

14. We are doing well if we go through less than a roll of toilet paper a day.

15. We have not converted our TV over, so all we watch is DVDs and videos.

16. Ages of our kids (as of today) 11,10,8,7,7,6 years old and 9 months old.

17. On November 17th, the ages will line up – for one month only. We will have kids aged 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 (years old) and 12 (months old).

18. We have two girls and 5 boys. In Order By Age: B, B, B, G, G, B, B.

19. After our first two kids, we decided to go with a naming pattern, sticking with the beginning of the alphabet. We have A, A, B, C, D, E and F.

20. The girls are the A’s. Ladies first.

21. Debbie and I were married Sept 10, 1994.

22. When I jog, I often have up to five of my kids rollerblading or biking with me.

23. We always have a state park sticker, and we go to many (12 last year) but we rarely camp.

24. We want to camp more. We have a pop-up camper!

25. We’ve lived in our current home for 3+ years. We moved because we decided that a family of 8 needed more than one bathroom.

26. Okay, there were other reasons.

27. Our microwave oven broke after about a month of living here and we have not replaced it.

28. Five of our kids can bike. We’re working on Erik. He’s having fun learning.

29. We go through about a dozen eggs a day. And 1 ½ gallons of real maple syrup a month.

30. We pray daily that our family will be used to glorify God.