Went to the Vadnais Heights Parade today  (it’s like really close to our house).  Some comments:

The Bad: Okay, do we really need to have 10 emergency vehicles loudly blaring their emergency sirens for fifteen minutes? Answer: No.  My 9 month old was quite upset and my kids were not pleased and covering their ears.

Also – too many (okay, 2) gaps of 5 minutes where no one was going by. But perhaps that’s what we get from sitting so close to the end of the parade.

The Ugly: The huge concrete truck filled to the top with water and beer-drinking, swimsuit-wearing people that (intentionally) splashed large amounts of water onto the road causing perfectly settled families (including ours) to quickly move all of their belongings off the road to avoid the floods. But we’re not bitter.

The Good:
-The Unicycle Club. I can’t stand still on my bike for three seconds. How can that fifteen year old kid on the 20 foot Unicycle stay stationary for a minute? And who isn’t impressed by the guy on the unicycle jumping over the other laying down guy?

-Lots of candy!

-Coupons for free rides at the Mall of America!

-And last, but not least – the church (Encompass) that came by near the end with garbage bags and asked if we had any garbage for them to take. We did.

Afterwards we went to the commons area. I learned this:  The Cheesy tribute band playing Beatles covers is still pretty good entertainment. I sang along. I hope they’re back next year.

And that evening we went to the free Waterskiing show.  Impressive.