Daniel is 10 ½.

He likes to invent. He has created much with Cardboard.

He is a peacemaker.

His brothers were remarking today that he does quite well in ultimate Frisbee. (They played with the church kids. At length).

He is a fairly happy kid, but, for some reason, he often looks grumpy in pictures.

Middle name: Chase – his Great Grandpa Jamison’s name.

He figured out how to tune our Ukulele by himself.

Among all of our kids, he memorizes bible verses the best.

First Words: We’re Home (sort of), Uh-Oh, What’s that?, Momma, Up, Up, Up!, All Done! Hi!

Entries from his Journal

(May 3, 2009) We got back Daniel’s standardized tests and he increased by three grades in reading comprehension to 7th grade. Good. Everything else went up as well (except spelling – we’ll work on it!)

(July 12) Today we were talking about the meaning of the word “Premium” and we were wondering what its history was. Daniel commented, “I think the word ‘Premium’ is based on the Latin word ‘premium’”. He was right.

(Aug 8 ) Today Daniel, for the first time, mowed most of the lawn with the big mower. He drives a little crazy and goes very fast. At one point as he turned a corner, I heard him yell “Whoooaaah!” as he round a corner too fast.