Carl is 11 ½ and he –
Likes to Read
Is trying to get me to teach him Visual Basic programming
Does a good job teaching his siblings
Is not a great loser.
Has roughly the same sports prowess as his dad – which is to say, close to none.
Was born 30 years and two weeks after me.
Often begins sentences with “According to my calculations”
Likes mowing the lawn with the big Rider Mower.
Wants more kids in our family

One Carl Story:
My Wife writes – “While getting the boys to bed, Carl was trying to explain to me some mumbo-jumbo about black holes and gravity and time; you multiply and/or divide something by something several times to determine how far back in time something will go. He said that when futuristic spacecrafts get close to a black hole, time slows down . . . “there is actually a three-dimensional box of time, so it’s a time-warp.” When I gave him an eyes-glazed-over-look, he said, “I don’t really get it, either.” Whew.

(Also pictured: Foster – our youngest)