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Dads, yes, it’s scary to realize that your infant daughter (or son) might not have any idea how much you love them. Just keep holding them and kissing them and speaking softly to them (and encouraging your older kids to do the same) and eventually they’ll begin to figure it out.


Dads, if there’s ever a time to strongly favor your wife’s opinion over your own its when you’re making decisions about childbirth. Especially whether to have another child and how labor and delivery is going to go.’


Dads, when dealing with a child who is hesitant to obey you, remind them from time to time that what you are telling them to do is not sinful.

Addendum: If there’s any way that they might see obedience to your directive as disobedience to God, deal with this issue.

Tuesday Tip: You are likely to be biased about your child’s intelligence. The bad news is – he or she mostly likely is not as much a genius as you’d like to think they are.

It’s my happy conviction that dads don’t have to be better at their kids at everything.

Dads, you will have more peace (and so will your kids) if you live like this is true.

Dads, sometimes a child’s disobedience is a reminder to you that you need to show your child more love. After you have dealt with the disobedience in a biblical way, find a way to let your child know you love them.

Dads, as we enter into the season of Thanksgiving, point out to your kids the ways in which they are not suffering.

If for example, you have enough money for food and lodging, remember that others don’t and this is a gift from God.

Or if no one in your family has a chronic disease or lives with chronic pain, remember that others do and health is a gift from God,

Or if, as the weather gets cold, you have a warm place to live and sleep, remember that others don’t and that your home is a gift from God.

Dads, can I recommend showing your kids the film, “The Man From Snowy River”?

It’s a good movie.

Dads, if it’s been awhile since you did it, say something nice about one of your children while that child is listening.

Dads, a child (just like anyone) can be fooled by both the emotion of pride and the emotion of shame. Work to prevent this from happening to them.

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