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[This might be helpful for all families, but I think it’s especially helpful for large families]

Dads, at the dinner table, my wife and I tell our kids a modified version of Luke 19:26:

‘We tell you that to everyone who eats, more will be given, but from the one who eats not, even what he has will be taken away.’

In The Pastor’s Kid author Barnabas Piper gives advice to Pastors that I will generalize to all dads:

Dads, don’t just say, “I’m a sinner” when talking to your kids, admit and apologize for real and specific sinful deeds done against them.

Dads, encourage your children to determine and then consider the message or idea encouraged by every book or comic they read, every song they hear,  and every TV show or movie they watch.

And this includes subtext or implied messages.


[This might be helpful for all families, but I think it’s especially helpful for large families]

Dads, invest in a water bottle for each of your kids. Choose different colors so they immediately recognize theirs.
– Good for picnics.
– Bring them on Vacations.
– If you’re going to an informal gathering, bring them along.

Helpful picture from Wikipedia

Dads, one way to live out the gospel with your children is to be willing to apologize when you’ve sinned against them. At the very least, this shows them that you know you aren’t perfect.

Dads, yes, it’s scary to realize that your infant daughter (or son) might not have any idea how much you love them. Just keep holding them and kissing them and speaking softly to them (and encouraging your older kids to do the same) and eventually they’ll begin to figure it out.


Dads, if there’s ever a time to strongly favor your wife’s opinion over your own its when you’re making decisions about childbirth. Especially whether to have another child and how labor and delivery is going to go.’


Dads, when dealing with a child who is hesitant to obey you, remind them from time to time that what you are telling them to do is not sinful.

Addendum: If there’s any way that they might see obedience to your directive as disobedience to God, deal with this issue.

Tuesday Tip: You are likely to be biased about your child’s intelligence. The bad news is – he or she mostly likely is not as much a genius as you’d like to think they are.

It’s my happy conviction that dads don’t have to be better at their kids at everything.

Dads, you will have more peace (and so will your kids) if you live like this is true.

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