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Dads, teach your kids this idea:  The smartest person in the world will not succeed if he can’t organize his life.

Dads, consider camping at Itasca.

Dads, some children think they don’t really need salvation because they’re good enough, others think they are too fallen into sin to ever be loved by God. You should find out where they are.

They both need the Gospel, but perhaps an emphasis of the most helpful aspects of the Gospel (from where they stand right now) will more quickly bring them closer to God.



Dads, be advised that many forms of legitimate creativity that your kids may engage in will, realistically speaking, cause messes.

Don’t force them to stop because of it.

Dads, before you throw away an old toothbrush, use it to clean something that a toothbrush is uniquely qualified to clean – a drain, a pipe, a corner, …. other items may come to mind.

Don’t throw away a toothbrush without employing it in this way.

Dads, do you want to help your kids memorize Jesus’ words? Go find out about the new Sermon on the Mount Fighter Verse Song CD !

It’s available on Amazon and iTunes.

Dads, when a family member challenges you or point out a problem in the way you’re acting, don’t (only) think,

“How can I defend against this?”,

rather, think -

“How can I learn from this?”


“Is there something helpful and true in what this person is saying?”

Are you trying to get your kids to do something fast? Tell them you’re going to time them. Even a two year old, who doesn’t really understand the concept of time, can be encouraged by the words, ‘Let’s see how fast you can do this!’

Dads, has the weather been below zero for a  IceHike2
number of days?

Bring your kids on an ice hike!

Some additional suggestions:
- Point out that they can see how thick the ice is.
- Choose a lake which is not filled with ice fishing.
- Dress warmly.
- Bring Kleenex for runny noses.
- Don’t get too freaked out by the booming sounds IceWalk
coming from the ice. You’re probably perfectly safe! Probably!

- Tell your four year old to walk on the snowy parts, it’s less slippery.


I’ll just also note in passing that apparently I’m really bad at formatting pictures on a blog post.

Dads, don’t throw away bananas! Peel them, put them in a plastic bag and put them in the freezer.

When you have enough, throw them in the blender with whatever flavor you’d like to add and make banana shakes.

They taste great.



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